This page was last updated: March 1, 2018


The Richard Schambow Family
3501 N Dohs Rd
Evansville, WI  53536
608/876-6804 - Richard Sr Home
719/684-5150 - David's Cell

**March 1st Update**

We are offering a full set of tunis for sale this spring.  We have:
  • Yearling Ewes  - Sired by "Vantage" and Riverwood 6399
  • Yearling Rams - Sired by "Vantage"
  • Ewe lambs and Ram lambs  - Sired by "Vantage" and Spilde 178
  • Brood Ewes - Sired by various past stud rams. 

In early March we will be cutting out and/or slicking all our yearling ewes and rams .  We will post pictures of some of our sale offerings this spring. These individuals will be available for sale at:
  • National Tunis Sale/Midwest Stud Ram Sale 
  • At the farm - Can be offered as groups or individually