Mayes 911 x Mayes 212

 Words alone cannot describe the wonders about this foundation ram and what he has done in our flock. He is the sire of our Champion Ewe at 2007 NAILE  and 2009 Reserve Champion Ewe, in addition to numerous other Champions and class winners at NAILE and other shows and sales. 
"Tandem" Trio 102 x Schambow 207 (Sired by Tandem)
1st Feb Ram - 2008 National Tunis Show
Champion Ram - 2008 All American Junior Show

 "High Voltage" is the result of a father - daughter mating. Schambow 207 was Res Grand Champion Ewe 07 NAILE Junior Show and 2nd behind our Champion Ewe in the open show. This stud was very correct and long bodied rams. He has the pattern and balance that we like in our Tunis.  He is the sire of our 2nd place Early Yearling ewe at NAILE in 2011 and grand-sire of our 2012 National Champion ewe, Eye Candy.
Rockstar x J&J 76

Purchased after the 2009 NAILE show where he was 3rd  March Ram lamb.  We selected MTP 391 for his extreme pattern, straight level top, length and structural correctness. He is a "Rockstar" son out of J&J 76.  This ram is a combination of Woolmark, S&T and Mayes breeding. 391 sired 2 National Champion Ewes; 3 NAILE Champion Ewes and 1 NAILE Champion Ram.  
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MTP 391 x Schambow 197 
2011 Champion Ram NAILE Open Show

"Barnstormer" is our home-raised RR son out of "Momma's Boy" and dammed by Schambow 197. "197" is rich in Woolmark and Lawthea breeding.  "Barnstormer" is a long bodied, correct, large bodied ram. We feel this RR stud is one of the most exciting rams we have ever seen! We are very pleased with his lambs this spring.  We will have yearlings available in 2016 out of "Barnstormer"

Current Sires
2013 National Champion Ram
1st Yearling Ram

Barnstormer x Centerfold (2011 NAILE Champion Ewe)
Junior Champion Ram - 2012 National Tunis Show
Junior Champion Ram - NAILE Open Show - 2013

Sire of our the 2014 Champion Ewe at NAILE "Cocktail" as well as the 2015 Champion Ewe at NAILE "Katniss".  Many of the top ewes in our flock are "Power Play" daughters.  
Lawthea 110 x Lawthea  101 (2005 National Champion Ewe
Sire of "Centerfold", 2011 NAILE Champion Ewe


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Big Ten x Schambow 405 "Cocktail"
2nd March Ram -  2015 NAILE Open Show
3rd Place Yearling Ram - 2016 National Tunis Show/NAILE

We are excited about this ram's future as he is a son of "Cocktail", arguable the most unique Tunis ewes in the bred. "Vantage" has made his mark siring the 2017 and 2018 National Champion Rams and 2017 National Champion Ewe  and 2018 Reserve National Champion Ewe ,as well as the 2017 Grand Champion Ram at  and 2017 and 2018 Champion Ewes at the NAILE Open Show.  This is one of the most unique rams in the breed and we again have an exciting set of lambs and yearlings available  this spring. 
Barnes 5469  x  Barnes 5026

Full sister is the mother of Barne's "Magic" ram.  Used in the BWB Flock, Ohio for years, siring numerous champions for them. We choose to use Big Ten after seeing numerous offspring, utilizing him  as an out-cross stud to add some  dimensional top and width.  
Treasure x Spilde 2570
3rd Jan Ram -  2016 NAILE Open Show

"Treasure Hunt" was purchased as an out-cross ram to our line bred ewe flock. His dam was the 2015 Tunis Jackpot Champion Ewe and Treasure is a "Thousand Island" son that sired Spilde's top selling ram at Sedalia in 2017.  
Schambow 493 - RR
Treasure Hunt
Spilde 178 - RR
Reference Sires
Big Ten
Barnes - RR
Power Play
Schambow 351- RR
Schambow 563- RR
Momma's Boy
Moms Tunis MTP 391- QR
The Yearling
High Voltage
Schambow 278 
Trio 102
Schambow 573 - RR
"Fully Loaded "
C Garey 694 - RR
Vantage  x  JET 1623
4th March Ram -  2018 NAILE Open Show

"Matrix" is out of the 2017 Reserve Champion Slicked Ewe at NAILE, JET 1623.  We showed this ram at NAILE where he was Reserve Senior Champion Ram.   This ram is extremely long bodied, true topped with a wide hip and high tail-set.  This ram already sired the Junior Champion Ewe at the NAILE Junior Show as well as the 1st Place February Ram lamb in the NAILE Junior Show in addition to an additional set of top females.  
C. Garey 771 x  JET 1761
1st March Ram -  2019 NAILE Open Show

"Fully Loaded" was 1st March Ram Lamb at the 2019 NAILE.  His twin brother was 1st Place Slicked-sheared ram lamb at NAILE as well.  This powerhouse ram is a Half-brother to Garey's Junior Champion Ewe and Reserve Junior Champion Ram.  We used this ram on 1/3 of our ewes for 2020 lambs.